CJ(Commission Junction)开始支持人民币了,所以我知道你会遇到问题。下面可能是一些人会遇到的问题。

    China (RMB)

  • Account Number: Upto 35 digits
  • Routing Code: Upto 12 digits(如招商银行上海分行,上海分行的swift code是CMBCCNBS051,则填写CMBCCNBS051),其他银行请查看>>国内9家银行swift code大全
  • Bank Name in Chinese: Name of your bank in simplified Chinese characters(填写银行的中文名称,如“中国招商银行”)
  • Beneficiary Name in Chinese: Name of the beneficiary in simplified Chinese characters(填写你在中国XX银行的账户中文名,比如“张三”)
  • Area Code: If your bank has an area code specified please enter that information. The area code has to be exactly 4 digits and is not a required field.(这一项非必填项目,所以你不知道何必死抠呢?)

(Note: Please make sure that you enter the Bank Name and Beneficiary Name in both English and simplified chinese characters as specified in the interface. It is important to have the Bank Name and Beneficiary Name in simplified Chinese Characters for us to route the direct deposit payment to your account)

提醒:中文名字一定要填写正确,Area Code For Chinese Bank这一项,可以留空(如果你不知道),Bank Name,我前面的国内银行swift code大全可以看到,查看swift code也基本搞定。

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